How to Set Up Email Forwarding in the Google Admin Console

We recently had a customer ask us to forward all of their incoming email to a coworker while they were on vacation. While users can set up forwarding in their Gmail account, there is also a way for administrators to set it up in Google Admin.

  1. Log in to Google Admin.
  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings
  3. Scroll down to or search for Routing
  4. Hover over routing and select Add Another
  5. Picture1
  6. Under Routing, name the setting you are going to create.
  7. Select Inbound, Outbound, Internal – sending, and Internal – receiving
  8. Under Envelope filter, select Only affect specific envelope recipients
  9. Enter the email address you want to be forwarded.
  10. Picture2
  11. Scroll Down and select Add more recipients
  12. Enter the email address you want to forward to and click SAVE
  13. Click ADD SETTING
  14. Picture3
  15. Click SAVE again at the bottom right of the page.